6es Journées Scientifiques
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6es journées scientifiques de l’USTV


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Mardi 17 et Mercredi 18 avril 9h - 18h 
Salle Raimu 2

Le Colloque ROW rassemble la communauté scientifique internationale qui développe ou utilise des systèmes radars HF et VHF en océanographie côtière. Ces radars, qui fonctionnent en onde de surface, permettent de dresser en continu et sur de longues périodes les cartes des courants marins de surface et, dans de bonnes conditions, le spectre d’état de mer jusqu’à des distances supérieures à 100 km.

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8h30 : Reception of Guests and Coffee

9h : Opening ceremony (auditorium)

10h : Barbin Yves, University of Toulon/MIO
Opening ROW 2012

10h20 : Forget Philippe, University of Toulon/MIO
Organization of Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO)

10h40 : Gildor Hezi, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The more you observe, the more complex it gets : insights from ocean surface current measurements by HF radar

11h : Wyatt Lucy, James Cook University
The Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network (ACORN)

11h20 : Coffee Break

11h40 : Yoshikawa Yutaka, Kyushu University
Surface currents obtained from HF radar and satellite images : Synergistic approach for vertical shear estimation near the surface

12h : Ide Yoshihiko, Kyushu University
Effects of diurnal cycle of surface heat flux on the seasonal variation of the wind-driven Ekman flow

12h20 : Take a Breath

12h30 : Neptune Buffet Lunch

14h : Fernández Vicente, Qualitas
A 4-Long Range SeaSonde Network off the Galician Coast (Northwester Spain)

14h20 : Dzvonkovskaya Anna, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
Signal Processing for RFI Reduction in HF Radar Applications

14h40 : Gill Eric, Memorial University
Further Cross Section Modeling Involving Swell and Ambient Noise

15h : Wu Xiongbin, Wuhan University
Remote Sensing of Sea Surface Conductivity Distribution by HF Surface Wave Radar

15h20 : Take a Breath

15h40 : Coffee Break

16h : Whelan Chad, Codar Ocean Sensors, Ltd.
HF Radar Performance on Freshwater Lakes (Revisited) : Report from Lake Michigan

16h20 : Kirincich Anthony, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Improving HF radar estimates of surface currents using signal quality metrics ; with application to the MVCO high-resolution radar system

16h40 : Grosdidier Samuel, University of Toulon/MIO
Simulation of HF Doppler spectra in bistatic configuration. Comparison with experimental data : preliminary results

17h : Helzel Thomas, Helzel Messtechnik GmbH
First results of WERA in MiMo mode

17h20 : Discussion, Day1


8h30 : Welcoming coffee

9h : Vrac Stéphanie, ANFR
New Frequency Allocations to HF Oceanographic Radars

9h20 : Fan Lingang, Wuhan University
Coastal wave measurement using S-Band FMICW radar

9h40 : Ivonin Dmitry, Institute of Oceanology RAS, Moscow
Real-time remote sensing of near-shore vortices by nautical X-band radar at the Black Sea

10h : Savidge Dana, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Experimenting with Saltmarsh Inundation and Circulation Mapping using VHF-radar

10h20 : Rubio Anna, Azti-Tecnalia
HF radar observations in the SE Bay of Biscay

10h40 : Coffee Break

11h : Barbin Yves, MIO & DT-INSU
Monitoring the Northwestern Mediterranean current in front of the French Golden Islands : a challenge

11h20 : Thomas Nicolas, Actimar
Oceanographic Radars-The West Africa Project

11h40 : Kokkini Zoi, University of the Aegean
« Dardanos » system, a HF Radar system operating in the North – Eastern Aegean Sea

12h : Sentchev Alexei, University of Littoral-Cote d’Opale
Main features of circulation in the Iroise Sea from HF Radar Observations

12h20 : Quentin Céline, University of Toulon/MIO
DISCUSSION : European Radio Oceanography Operators Network : EROON

12h30 : Neptune Buffet Lunch

14h : Paduan Jeffrey, Naval Postgraduate School
A method to improve short term trajectory forecasts using EOF spatial pattern recognition

14h20 : Gildor Hezi, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lagrangian insights

14h40 : Heron Malcolm, James Cook University
Advances in Lagrangian Tracking

15h : Marmain Julien, University of Toulon/MIO
Optimization of boundary conditions of a North Western Mediterranean coastal area using a single-site HF radar measurements

15h20 : Take a Breath

15h40 : Coffee Break

16h : Yaremchuk Max, Naval Research Laboratory
Variational analysis of the HFR radial velocities

16h20 : Raynaud Stephane, Actimar
Assimilation of HF radar currents in the Iroise Sea using EnOI

16h40 : Schulz-Stellenfleth Johannes, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Integration of HF radar and numerical model data for estimation of surface currents in the German Bight

17h : Take a Breath

17h20 : Quentin Céline, University of Toulon/MIO
DISCUSSION : European Radio Oceanography Operators Network : EROON, 2

17h30 : Adjourn Day 2


9h20 : ROW2012 Social Event
Get Together Boat Trip Toulon natural harbour followed by the guided visit of the renewed Toulon Musée de la Marine « La Royale »

12h20 : End of the tour, walk to the University

13h : Buffet à la Française

14h : Conley Daniel, University of Plymouth
An HF Radar Site for Marine Renewable Energy Resource and Environment Assessment

14h20 : Gurgel Klaus-Werner, University of Hamburg
Evaluation of an HF-Radar Ship Detection and Tracking Algorithm by Comparison to AIS Data

14h40 : Helzel Thomas, Helzel Messtechnik GmbH
Introduction of the next generation WERA system

15h : Wyatt Lucy, James Cook University
Spatial averaging requirements to improve wave data quality and availability

15h20 : Coffee Break & Snack

15h40 : Hisaki Yukiharu, University of the Ryukyus
Wave measurement by single HF radar and comparisons with in-situ observed and model predicted wave data

16h : Chavanne Cedric, Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)
How do sea level anomalies estimated from HF-radar surface currents compare with satellite altimetry observations ?

16h20 : Feedback from ROW2012 ; Planning for ROW 2013/2014

16h40 : Prospect and resolutions (if any)

17h : End of Workshop

 Dr. Yves BARBIN, barbin@univ-tln.fr
 Dr. Philippe FORGET, forget@univ-tln.fr
Institut Méditerranéen d’Océanologie (MIO)

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